Maria Roosen // My Friends

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Dutch artist Maria Roosen loves magic. Not so much witchcraft as the small everyday wonders--like the way a drop of oil in a puddle of water suddenly reflects the world in 1,000 colors. Glass is one of Roosen's primary materials, and she is best known for her little glass carrots; her glass eyes; her glass penises dangling from a cord, somehow at once sweet and sorrowful, and calling to mind the work of Eva Hesse or Louise Bourgeois. Roosen also makes big white papier-mache spheres that she gives to her friends, asking them to make alter-ego faces on them and to wear them over their heads, or to share them with others at public events. In this sturdy accordion-folded book we are introduced to Maria's friends--in their masks--via a series of photographic portraits, while Hanne Hagenaars tells us about their adventures.

Contributors: Hanne Hagenaars
Publisher: Valiz
32 pages
23cm × 17cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789078088073
8,50 €
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