Christian Gfeller // Naked in the gallery

The series of colour photographs Naked in the Gallery offers an intimate and extravagant look at an unsuspected side of an art space. Shot after hours at each of the gallery's exhibitions, these portraits chronicle the life of Bongoût gallery since its opening in 2008. Christian Gfeller, artist, gallerist and curator invited nude models to be inspired by the artworks. 
The unconventional models redefine conventional notions of beauty as they display their bodies with confidence. In striking poses and looks, the artist captures the models' strong personalities and the energy and dynamic relations prompted by the exhibitions. The models and photographer reclaim the gallery as a space for expression and interaction.

Contributors: Daikichi Amano, Atak, Antoine Bernhart, Blex Bolex, Barbara Breitenfellner, Eric Corne, Nicolas Fontaine, Katia Fouquet, Jean-François Gavoty, Christian Gfeller, Sebastian Gögel, Anna Hellsgard, Jakob Hinrichs, Laurent Impeduglia, Gregory Jacobsen, Oliver
Publisher: Re:Surgo!
98 pages
17cm × 22cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783940907141
12,50 €
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