The Exhibitionist No. 2

Journal on exhibition making

The Exhibitionist was founded in 2010 as a journal by curators, for curators, in which the most pertinent questions of exhibition making today would be considered and assessed.
Contents: Matthew Drutt: Ghosts in the Machine / Juan A. Gaitan: From the Rigor of the Model to the Exactness of Its Iterations / Aurélie Voltz: Moulène, Le Monde, the Louvre / Constance Lewallen: The Eighties in 1970 / Eva Díaz: Pictures Degeneration / Robert Storr: Downtown Goes Uptown. Pictures at the Met / Jenelle Porter: Making Copies / Jane Simon: Can an Exhibition Present a New Canon? / Mary Jane Jacob: On Practicing in Public / Nato Thompson: Social Capital and the Unknown / Joshua Decter: Everywhereness / Okwui Enwezor: Topographies of Critical Practice. Exhibition as Place and Site / Jack Bankowsky: The Exhibition Formerly Known as Sold Out / Peter Eleey: Friday / Jens Hoffmann: Endnote.

Contributors: Tara McDowell, Matthew Drutt, Juan A. Gaitan, Aurélie Voltz, Constance Lewallen, Eva Díaz, Robert Storr, Jenelle Porter, Jane Simon, Mary Jane Jacob, Nato Thompson, Joshua Decter, Okwui Enwezor, Jack Bankowsky, Peter Eleey, Jens Hoffmann
Publisher: Archive Books
63 pages
10 colour illustrations
19cm × 26cm
Format: Paperback
10,00 €
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