Japanese Expanded Cinema and Intermedia

Critical Texts of the 1960s

Produced by Collaborative Cataloging Japan. Edited by Ann Adachi-Tasch, Go Hirasawa, Julian Ross.
Intermedia and Expanded Cinema, both as critical approach and artistic practice, left an indelible mark in a period of Japanese art history that is broadly considered to be one of its most dynamic moments in the wake of its postwar reemergence.
Despite the burgeoning interest in academic and curatorial circles in this segment of Japanese art history, the paucity of readily available material in a language other that Japanese has meant the local context, particularly the ways in which the terms were critically debated, was relatively neglected.
Rather than assuming the interpretations of the terms were the same as their counterparts abroad, we decided to commission translations of a selection of key texts that we felt were instrumental in shaping the specific discourse around these terms.
Through these translations, our hope is that Japanese debates on intermedia can contribute to international discourse, and that works of Japanese Expanded cinema can be preserved, reenacted and analyzed with these discussions in mind.

Contributors: Go Hirasawa, Ann Adachi-Tasch, Julian Ross, Adachi Masao, Iimura Takahiko, Ishiko Junzō, Ishizaki Kōichirō, Jōnouchi Matoharu, Manabe Hiroshi, Matsuda Masao (a.k.a. Hirosawa Mina), Miyai Rikurō, Ōe Masanori, Satō Jūshin (Shigechika), Tone Yasunao.
Publisher: Archive Books
222 pages
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783948212292
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