Mute Vol. 3, no. 1

Double Negative Feedback

'Double Negative Feedback' expresses the hope that the chaos unleashed by the cybernetic loops of financialisation, post-Fordist production and networked life might not only be entropic and exploitative. The noise generated by 'positive feedback' also takes the form of the explosions we are seeing in the Arab world, the anti-disciplinary uses of cybernetic control systems, the 'shared precarity' of compositional improvising, and the ripples of a political organising that no longer assumes a common identity but instead acknowledges our common vulnerability. This issue scouts out such double-negative loops in a landscape dominated by the relentless, if often misfiring attempt to put feedback to work.
100% Arts Cut
Pauline van Mourik Broekman's personal consideration of Mute's defunding

In the Mud and Blood of networks
Anthony Iles interviews Graham Harwood

Zaha Hadid Architects and the Neoliberal avant-garde
Owen Hatherley takes a look at the fluid architecture and financial times of Zaha Hadid Architects

Music is the Crime that Contains All The Others
Demetra Kotouza on the rebel sounds of Rebetiko

Anti-Disciplinary Feedback and the Will to Effect
Lars Bang Larsen reads counter-cultural 'good vibration' literally and politically

The Light Years: Contemporary Art in the Age of Weightless Capital
Anna Dezeuze on the loaded lightness of 'precarious art'

Listener as Operator
Howard Slater on the 'compositional improvising' in Jazz and beyond

Artist's Project
by Mimi Lueng

On Coca to Capital
John Barker on first world junkie-capitalism

Publisher: Mute
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ISBN: 9781906496012
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