Indira van 't Klooster // Reactivate!

Innovators of Dutch Architecture

As Europe’s economic stasis persists, the construction of new buildings in Holland continues to follow suit--but the number of new architects entering the profession is increasing. Finding themselves in a radically different landscape to that of previous generations, many of these young architects are taking matters into their own hands, embracing a new reality in which users, residents and clients must become partners, not just links in a supply chain. Vacant property, investment standstills, social contradictions, out-of-touch businesses and environmental demands--this generation has many complex variables to consider. Today’s architects are becoming developers and entrepreneurs, creating their own opportunities for commissions, forming cooperatives and providing ideas that are inspiring while also practically applicable. Reactivate! Innovators of Dutch Architecture examines these developments, signaling an exciting new vitality in Dutch architecture.

Publisher: Valiz
256 pages
16cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789078088806
30,00 €
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