Moritz Fehr // Undersound

The artist book Undersound is published on the occasion of Moritz Fehr’s (*1981, lives and works in Berlin) solo exhibition at the Hildesheimer Kunstverein. The bronze shimmering cover shows the imprint of the Californian Colosseum-mine, where ore and cyanide had been excavated to win gold and silver.

Today the postindustrial landscape is a fallow region, however it provided fertile ground for Fehr’s multimedia working process. Working with field recordings, Sound Art or the latest 3D technologies, the artist researched and depicted the deserted terraces of the mine: the origin of resources for today’s infrastructure. In other works, he followed and reflected on the path of energy, from the plug socket to the transformer station, across power plants and solar cells, visualized in stereoscopic video works and audio compositions.

The Villa Romana Prize is Germany’s oldest art fellowship. Ever since 1905, it is awarded annually, usually to four artists. It includes a ten-month fellowship in the artists‘ house Villa Romana, a free studio, and a monthly stipend. Every year, at the end of their stay in Florence, the publications of the Villa Romana Fellows are jointly conceived by the artists.

Contributors: Kathrin Meyer, Clemens Krümmel, Florian Sprenger
Publisher: argobooks
24cm × 33cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783942700634
13,00 €
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