Goh Lee Kwang // draw sound

Vol.07/20 series "Art & Theory"

In a very atypical manner, this work magnifies a euro cent to the size of a CD 3”, before attaching it to a sophisticated booklet of nervous pencil sketches by the same author. There have been as many as 98 combinations of launches of the above mention coin, a fact reflected in the 98 micro-tracks on this album. 'Draw Sound' is an interesting project by Malaysian Goh Lee Kwang, who is now based in Germany and is accustomed to electroacoustics and improvisation, often prone to both natural and recorded sounds. This work is a reflection on the timing of the events, which have been repeated at different points but always end in the same outcome, an overlapping of instantaneous snapshots, a narration of how a simple gesture can be reproduced endlessly and become - finally - a scary clone of reality. It is only 8 minutes and 40 seconds duration, but it can seem a lifetime, 'acting out' purely conceptual 'art' - Baudrillard would say - 'culminating in banal tautology', here and now. "The relationship with the work belongs to the sphere of contamination, or of the infection: you connect, absorb, plunge, as in the flows and networks".
- Aurelio Cianciotta -

Publisher: argobooks
36 pages
16cm × 12cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783981255232
13,00 €
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