Remy Jungerman // Behind the Forest

A new book on the work of Suriname-born Dutch artist Remy Jungerman (1959, Moengo Suriname).  In his work artist Remy Jungerman searches for an autonomous visual language that does justice to the cultures of the countries that define him: Suriname, the Netherlands and the United States.
Remy Jungerman. Behind the Forest focuses on his artistic output of the past fifteen years, including new work created especially for his eponymous solo-exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

In his sculptures, panels, installations, collages and screen prints, Jungerman traces pathways of pattern and imagery from Maroon culture in Suriname, the African diaspora and 20th-Century modernism.

The majority of this book comprises reproductions of his work that have not been published before. Behind the Forest is a welcome addition to Where the River Runs, published by Jap Sam Books in 2019.
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Where the River Runs

Contributors: Rein Wolfs, Sara Carder
Publisher: Jap Sam Books
80 pages
22cm × 31cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789492852465
25,00 €
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