Katy Deepwell (ed.) // Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms

Artivism today seems to have become a catchword for any woman’s empowerment through the arts. This volume wants to critically dissect this catchword, unveiling the diversity of practices and realities that it comprises. Representing a range of critical insights, perspectives and practices from artists, activists and academics, this book explores and reflects on the role of feminist interventions in the field of contemporary art, the public sphere and politics. It demonstrates the enormous variety of ways in which art and activism can intervene in social processes, and vice versa. Doing so, Feminist Art Activisms and Artivisms touches upon broader questions of cultural difference, history, class, economic position, ecological questions, sexual orientation, and the ways in which these intersect.
This volume is the first to appear in the new Valiz series PLURAL. Through representing diverse voices, content and forms, PLURAL explores current discussions about the link between identity, power, representation and emancipation and how the arts address these topics.

Contributors: Linda Aloysius, Marissa Begonia, Sreyashi Tinni Bhattacharyya, Marisa Carnesky, Paula Chambers, Amy Charlesworth, Emma Curd, Katy Deepwell, Tal Dekel, Emma Dick, Lior Elefant, Christine Eyene, Abbe Leigh Fletcher, GraceGraceGrace, Alana JelinekSonja van Kerkhoff, Alexandra Kokoli, Elke Krasny, Loraine Leeson, Laura Malacart, Rosy Martin, Alice Maude-Roxby, Kathleen Mullaniff, Louise O?Hare, Tanja Ostoji?, Martina Pachmanová, Gill Park, Pune Parsafar, Roxane Permarnne Robinson, Stefanie Seibold, Pam Skelton, Mare Tralla, Christina Vasileiou, Camille Melissa Waring, Michelle Williams Gamaker, Virginia Yiqing Yang
Publisher: Valiz
Series: PLURAL Series
448 pages
17cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789492095725
27,50 €
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