Männerfantasien investigates male subjectivity and men’s changing self-perception in increasingly blurred gender formations and contradicting role models. The title and scope is inspired by cultural theorist Klaus Theweleit’s late 1970s bestseller Male Fantasies. Theweleit described a pathological idea of “real masculinity”, and thus set the discourse on masculinity in Germany rolling. The combination of images and texts in this book presents a selection of “male fantasies” in the sense that each contribution allows the artist‘s personal perspective on his work and to locate it in the context of male fantasies.

With works by: Alejandro Cesarco, Brock Enright, Matt Greene, Nicolás Guagnini, Michael Kunze, Rodney McMillian, Michael Müller, Pablo Pijnappel, Adam Putnam, Mladen Stilinovic´, Charlie White.

Publisher: argobooks
80 pages
14cm × 19cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783981184297
27,00 €
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