Matts Leiderstam // Nachbild/ After Image

The catalogue documents Swedish artist Matts Leiderstam’s (*1956) solo exhibition at Badischer Kunstverein. The book shows new works especially created for the exhibition and various older work groups which Leiderstam has been continuously expanding since the 1990s. Leiderstam is interested in the repressed aspects of historical pictures, which he detaches from their normative context within collections or archives and investigates from a contemporary point of view. He combines two contexts that are crucial for his view of paintings: the history of art and the history of homosexual culture. Leiderstam draws attention to hidden homoerotic under - tones, marginal details or latent connections. The catalogue focuses on three main groups of works: Returned, a series of photographs and a slide installation, Grand Tour, an extensive collection of pictures, objects and texts, and a group of portrait studies including the new work Durchblick.

Contributors: Anja Casser, Wolfgang Ullrich
Publisher: argobooks
48 pages
20cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishGerman
ISBN: 9783941560154
16,50 €
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