Titlesort ascending Artist/author Price
The Exhibitionist... £10.00
The emancipated... Steven ten Thije Out of print £15.00
The effort took its... Luca Trevisian £27.00
The Dreamers £10.00
The Drawer & A... David Berridge 10,00 €
The Disoeuvre Felicity Allen 9,00 €
The Department of... Marcin Dudek £35.00
The Days Are Long,... Lena Inken Schaefer £21.50
The Constituent... Out of stock £27.50
The Complete... Richard Sluijs £30.00
The Clandestine... OHO Group £15.00
The Causes of... £25.00
The Borrowed Gaze Karin Hanssen Last copies £32.50
The Book Egill Sæbjörnsson £27.00
The Blue Guitar Out of print £5.99
The Big Escape Peggy Wauters £45.00
The Big Book Alison Knowles £19.50
The Backstory Kelly Schacht £34.00
The Artist As... ZERO Last copies £50.00
The Art Song... Annette Hollywood £13.00