Lisa Holzer // Esst mich!

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“Lisa Holzer explores logics of desire through pictures, text, performative gestures, and subtle alterations to exhibition conventions. In recent works, vulgar yet appetizing photographs of food are rendered formless, enlarged, and abstracted to a painterly, and sometimes anthropomorphic, quality, calling to mind descriptions of aesthetic experience referred to by Theodor Adorno as “tasteful savoring” and “physical devouring,” that brings art into an uncomfortable proximity to “cuisine and pornography.”
The resulting images at once mock and celebrate legacies of abstract painting while also teasing cliches and the expectations related to the photographic medium itself. With humor and critical wit, her practice addresses conditions of labor, exposure, visibility, and power confronting artists, artworks, and the art system itself.” - Post Brothers
Published on the occasion of “Lisa Holzer – Esst Mich!” exhibition at the Kunstverein München (25. Mai–25. August 2019).
Born in 1971 in Vienna, Austria, Lisa Holzer lives and works in Berlin. Her recent solo exhibitions were held at the Vienna Secession (2019), Kunstverein Munich (2019), and the Galerie im Turm, Berlin (2018).
Co-published with Kunstverein München

Contributors: Lisa Holzer, David Jourdan, Trevor Lee Larson, Samo Tomšič, Linda Spjut, Ariane Müller, Lisa Jeschke
Publisher: Westphalie
208 pages
17cm × 24cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9783903216051
18,00 €
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