Title Artist/author Pricesort descending
La Langue Sharon Kivland £10.00
Chakal Zuriel Bustamante Last copies £10.00
Oh… My God! Hilario Island Out of stock £12.00
Hear What I Say Penelope Slinger £12.00
Notes on Archives 4 Ines Schaber £12.00
Untitled? Namtaf Last copies £12.00
Notes on Archives 2 Ines Schaber £12.00
Sulphur Joakim Behrman Last copies £12.00
Voyage Voyage Loïc Thisse £12.00
Skydiving Dan Torop Last copies £12.50
Moscow Plastic Arts Nick Muellner £12.50
Naked in the gallery Christian Gfeller £12.50
The Last 10 Shots Bongout, Thibaut de Ruyter £12.50
Zone David Bate £12.99
A Vision in Time Pablo Pijnapple £13.00
Ernst Thalmann Erik Steinbrecher £13.00
Cluster Viktoria Binschtok £13.00
Instant Ruins Robin Vanbesien £15.00
Sexual Selection Natacha Merritt £15.00
An Orderly Fashion Cum* £15.00