Hilario Island // Oh… My God!

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The artist's book Oh .. My God! collects a photo series taken last spring by Hilario Island in Myanmar, one of the Buddhism's sacred places, where one of the houndred or so temples has been destroyed by a recent earthquake.
Now the pagodas affected by the earthquake, covered by thin bamboo structures, have taken original and unexpected forms, hanging between architecture and art, life and destruction.

This temporary condition allowed the artist to catalog, study and also develop a sort of appropriation.
Hilario Isola is a visual artist working primarily with installation, drawing and sculpture. He graduated in Art History and Museology and his interests still span through art history, architecture and natural environments. He creates delicate, often visually subtle installations that respond directly to the context and exhibition spaces, the landscape or any particular environment. His works imply such diverse forms as living systems, objects, photographs, drawings and music.

Taking the exhibition and its ritual as an object in itself, Hilario Isola has worked to change the paradigm of this encounter, exploring the possibility of this dynamic experience. Engaging with, and subtly intervening in nature so as to reimagine it in artificial terms, Island finds ever new ways to mark the persistence of biological life, harmonizing elemental occurrences in terms of his own artistic drive. In each work, he reveals the innate sculptural qualities of natural materials, casting from nature to exposing the deep patterns of growth and time.

Contributors: Manfredo di Robilant
Publisher: Humboldt Books
32 pages
21cm × 29cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788899385361
12,00 €
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