Federico Patellani // Matera 1953

After the publication of Christ stopped at Eboli (1945) by Carlo Levi, Matera, "peasant capital", becomes an irresistible destination for writers, photographers, intellectuals from all over the world, caught up with a place that still seems out of the story . He could not miss the cinema. The Milanese Alberto Lattuada (director) and Federico Patellani (photographer) think about setting up La Lupa(1953), a film in which neorealism blends with melodrama. Patellani's photographic repository, which has remained for many years in the drawer and is offered here in its entirety, collects the scene views and scenes of that adventure, becoming an important document of the places and people of Matera sixty years ago that a confirmation of the artistic personality of the Milanese photographer.

Contributors: Matteo Pavesi, Alberto Crespi, Luisa Comencini, Federico Patellani, Alberto Lattuada, Kitti Bolognesi and Giovanna Calvenzi
Publisher: Humboldt Books
120 pages
17cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
Language: EnglishItalian
ISBN: 9788899385330
19,00 €
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