Linda Herzog // Mihriban

From 2004 to 2007 Linda Herzog lived and worked in Istanbul and using the city as her base, traveled the length and breadth of Turkey. The photographs taken on these journeys form the basic stock for the photographic essay in book format, entitled „Mihriban“. „Mihriban“ is a Turkish girl's name and means „good friend, with a good heart and a laughing face“; above all, „Mihriban“ is a well-known love song in Turkey.
"Mihriban is both documentary photography and the record of a process that I consider to be artistic in essence. It's about exploring reality through art; it is a piece of research on the nature of both reality and the image.", Linda Herzog in conversation with Martin Jaeggi.
Herzog never falls prey to the touristic charm of the merely exotic, but instead puts her finger on those differences, which might generate a political dimension. The book contains 50 photographs from the East of Turkey, the Black Sea coast, Istanbul, Izmir, Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean coast.

Contributors: Martin Jaeggi
Publisher: Passenger Books
120 pages
50 colour illustrations
30cm × 24cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9783940215031
35,50 €
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