Kaitlin Kostus // Koshka #4

The Midwest Issue

The Midwest, and Chicago in particular is the home to many people with Eastern European ancestors. Kaitlin Kostus and eight contributors take a home-town look at the Eastern European diaspora. From Latvia to Serbia, from Ukrainian Village to Polish Village, the people are chanting "Koshka!"

"Taking my hometown of Chicago as inspiration, this issue explores the Eastern European diasporas of Chicago and the surrounding Midwest US, with a focus on personal histories, cultural communities, mythology amongst family lines, and sense of belonging." -- Kaitlin Kostus

Contributors: Jen Blair, Robert Krums, Anna Krztón, Dan Pogozelski & Robert Reid, Jacob Kaplan, Elisa Addlesperger, Mel Potter, Mat Rappaport, Tony Sparrow, Tom Vasilj
Publisher: Half Letter Press
36 pages
14cm × 22cm
Format: Paperback
5,00 €
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