Joakim Behrman // Sulphur

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”Fourteen tons of sulphur are produced every day at Kawah Ijen. The refined product is later exported, mainly to China, but also to Southeast Asia and several other countries around the globe. Sulphur is a key material in the production of vulcanised rubber, refined sugar and sulphuric acid, and can be found in medicines, cosmetics, matches and fertilisers. To these industries the miners remain faceless. These men are at the bottom of the chain, paying the highest price. Their life expectancy is, at most, 50 years. This is the world they live in. These are the miners of Kawah Ijen.”   - Joakim Behrman

Publisher: Trema Förlag
32 pages
16cm × 25cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789198201437
12,00 €
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