Howard Slater // Anti-Wall

Contribution to a More or Less Caput Comprehension of Surrealism

Anti-Wall has come together as one of many steps in and GKP collaboration with Howard Slater over recent years. This latest co-operation saw us coming together around a mutual interest in the manifestations of the Surrealist movement both locally and world-wide. Anti-Wall, then, operates as a conjunction point (‘communicating vessel’) between the Belgrade Surrealist Group and those in the Antilles that came together around the journals Legitimate Defence and Tropiques. It also became a means of investigating political, affective and art organisations, then, here and now:
Infra- and OurOrganization, politics as thought, distance from the State and political parties are just some of common themes embedded into the poetic and experimental transduction of Anti-Wall, originally published by Surrealist Publications, Belgrade in 1932 (by Marko Ristić & Vane Bor). This book, we hope, will help us get over our own walls.

153 pages
14cm × 21cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788688567206
10,00 €
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