Julián Barón // No hay nada que celebrar, mi casa está vacía

My name is Rommel Jaimes Mendoza, I am a public writer in the Plaza de Santo Domingo and I was invited by Centro de la Imagen to do a work of writing sentences that evoke experiences of violence.

    The participants of this event, coming from different cities of Mexico and Colombia, were: Abril Martínez, Aldebarán Solares, Antonio Falcón Villalobos, Bruno Bresani, Cynthia Grandini, Diana Cortés, Estefanía Pecero, Jazmín Calvillo Palomino, Julián Barón, Juliana Andrea Henao Alcaraz Kendy Rivera, Laura Castellanos, Luis Andrade, Luis Daniel Saldaña Alvizo, Natalia Lopera, Omar Zambrano Guevara, Rodrigo Ramos, Tom Griggs and Viridiana Florentti.

    This publication is the result of the International Workshop Being a book taught by Julián Barón, as part of the activities of E.FOLIO.002, Second Meeting around the Contemporary Photobook at the Image Center.
This book comes in 2 different covers.

80 pages
12cm × 17cm
Format: Paperback
Language: Spanish
10,00 €
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